What is Mediation?

Mediation is a flexible and voluntary process where parties are able to determine their own outcomes and agreements with the assistance of a professional mediator.

The Facilitative Problem-solving Approach that underpins Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediation at The Australian Family Mediation Group provides for a highly-supported and structured format that assists our clients and their unique circumstances to reach sustainable long-term agreements. 

The mediation process involves

1. Pre-mediation Conference/Intake

We meet with each party separately to gather information and to determine suitability for mediation.

2. Mediation

We arrange a suitable mediation format to work through the issues to reach sustainable agreements.

3. Resolution & Documentation

We assist parties with documenting financial and parenting agreements.

Family Dispute Resolution at The Australian Family Mediation Group has a number of benefits:


A fraction of the cost of Court litigated proceedings.


FDR mediators can be employed at any stage within family disputes. Mediations can be conducted face to face or virtually.


An Intake Assessment is completed prior to mediation so that your unique circumstances are well understood.


Mediation can be conducted in a shuttle format, where family members do not have to engage in person if they’d prefer not to.

Lawyer assisted

Mediation can be conducted between parties with or without lawyers.


Outcomes and agreements can be generated within a very short amount of time


We facilitate negotiations with the focus on reaching sustainable agreements.


The Australian Family Mediation Group mediators are all accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with the Attorney General's Department and are qualified to issue section 60I Court certificates following mediation.

Sue Boursiani

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Sue Boursiani is a Senior Psychologist, trained Child Consultant and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience working with children, young people and their families.  Drawing from extensive experience in trauma-informed practice, Sue offers highly tailored family mediation services, skilfully navigating challenging family transitions to resolve disputes for both parenting and financial matters.  Through her work as a Child Consultant, Sue adeptly integrates the voices of children, positively shaping post-separation parenting with empathy and insight.  With a wealth of experience in complex family dynamics and relationship breakdown, Sue is committed to empowering individuals going through  separation. She helps them achieve workable and sustainable resolutions in financial matters and co-parenting arrangements for their children,  effectively avoiding protracted conflict and court involvement.

Tim Smith

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Tim is one of the co-founders of the Australian Family Mediation Group and has a diverse background in conflict management and mediation having worked in a variety of family-oriented intervention-based services. He has fine-tuned a strong, unique and effective style of family mediation where his primary goal is for family members in conflict to reach sustainable parenting and property agreements while avoiding where possible the mental anguish and high costs of Court-based litigation. Tim is a straight talker, with a compassionate and results-oriented approach. He also holds several post graduate degrees including a masters degree in mental health, and a second masters degree in conflict management and resolution. 

Katrina Thornley

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Katrina is a qualified family dispute resolution practitioner and experienced psychologist. She has worked with numerous families going through separation and divorce. Her calm, confident approach, together with her experience and understanding of people, helps her to be an effective, solution focused mediator.